Business Spreadsheet Development

Would you like an Excel spreadsheet developed specifically for your business?

Digiwise have developed a range of business spreadsheets including:

  • Financial reports from MYOB and Quickbooks
    • Inventory analysis
    • Salesperson commission calculations
    • Customised profit and loss statements
    • Business overview (KPI) reports
    • Job transaction details
    • Monthly sales by customer with budget comparisons
    • Sales forecast and stock purchasing calculations
    • Payroll analysis
  • Resource tracking reports for bush fire incidents in New South Wales
  • Multi-Class Point Score (MCPS) spreadsheet and Online MCPS Calculator for Swimming Australia
  • Payroll and human resources system enhancements for one of the largest businesses in Wodonga (Victoria)
  • Macros (VBA) for project management for a government department in Canberra. Ben Sims, IT Business Analyst, said "Thank you for all your assistance with the Excel VB Code - it worked perfectly"
  • Trading log and analysis for futures traders for a Sydney based business
  • Trading simulation and educational model for a Melbourne based business
  • Sports coaching scoring system (see the Excel Consulting Testimonial from Evashaw Sports)
  • Construction quoting/tender spreadsheet for a business in Western Australia
  • Student information reporting for private tertiary institutions
  • Sales calls analysis
  • Automated daily emailing system
  • Live email alerts as calculated values change
  • Macro (VBA) based systems for automated report "clean up" and Excel database link management
  • Custom rostering system for a Queensland tavern including costing and ratio analysis
  • Sales performance spreadsheet for a business in South Australia

Whether your project is similar to these examples or something completely different, Digiwise's specialist Microsoft Excel knowledge ensures we consistently deliver first class solutions, on time and on budget. 

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion on how we can help with your business spreadsheets